Exceptional Ingredients, Artfully Prepared

At San Vincenzo it is our sole desire that everything that is purchased delights you.

In true Italian Style we use only the finest and freshest seasonal Ingredients, allowing these to shine. Many of our ingredients are flown in from produce markets across Italy to ensure authenticity.

We aim for stripped-down honest regional Italian cuisine. Despite the buzzy feel and glamorous surroundings, we are a family business, a small and humble Trattoria…. at heart.

We will specialise in the obscure and delicious highlights of food and wine from all across Italy’s twenty regions. We make everything ourselves, we do breads, sausages, salame, pasta, filled pasta. Cheeses, Cooked meats, Sauces, pizza, Olives, Picinisco extra virgin olive oil. Coffee and cakes. A full range of food to go. Our dishes are designed to engage all your senses. 

“If I can just pick at a little of everything,  In the end I will have eaten despite the fact that I’m not hungry.”

Director of San Vincenzo

Our Restaurant

Being family run, our passion for Italian food and cooking knows no bounds, and we take pleasure in providing you with delicious, authentic Italian food. From breakfast in our deli from 9am, right through to lunch and dinner in our restaurant served until the late hours.

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